How to start your own car club


Car clubs offer individuals the chance to meet like-minded people who share the same interests, but it can be hard to find the right club if you focus on a specific manufacturer or specific model of car. This is where setting up your own car club can benefit you and your like-minded friends.

You may think that most big international car clubs began like that but the truth is that many of them started off small, growing out of the local scene and into the national scene before getting international acclaim.

If you want to set up your own car club, it’s easier than you think. Here are our top tips to make your club a success.

  1. Establish a mission statement for the club, whether the club will focus on a specific manufacturer or model of car. Put the mission in writing and establish membership expectations too.
  2. Schedule your first meeting. Find a suitable place to hold the meeting and establish a date and time. Most prospective members will want to bring their own cars, so make sure that the venue has ample parking nearby.
  3. Promote the club to get some members. Set up a car club website explaining all the relevant information prospective members might need to know, also look into setting up some social networking pages such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can easily communicate with your current members. Get some promotional merchandise such as printed labels or car window stickers that you can give to your members to help promote the club.
  4. At your first meeting. Welcome all of the members and prospective members and talk about the mission statement for the club and what the members can expect from the club. Share information about the cars and talk to individual members about pushing the club forward.

These are just some general tips to get you started, but once your car club is established you may consider taking the club to national events or even holding you own event in your local area. Establishing partnerships with other local car clubs can also be beneficial in pushing the clubs forward and pushing them to the national level.

Fundraisers are also a great way of promoting your car club and also benefits the wider community too.

Vintage car clubPicture: cian.han

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