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Buying a Number Plate

Number plates for your vehicle are for sale from a variety of companies, especially if you would like to find a personalised or cherished plate.  These are also available through the DVLA, and their new website has made searching for a personalised plate much easier.  Some companies also offer to manufacture and supply the physical plate itself to you, although that is generally a separate...

What to do if you are Taking Your Vehicle Out of the UK Permanently

If you are planning on taking your vehicle out of the UK on a permanent basis, you will need to inform the DVLA of your intention to do so.  If you are taking it away on a temporary basis, you will need to take the proper documents with you.  The DVLA defines permanent as 12 months or more, and temporary as less than 12 months. When taking the vehicle out of the UK for 12 months or longer, the...

Number Plate Stories – 1 CH

Buying a personalised registration plate is something that requires careful consideration. However, many people may have spent years dreaming of that perfect number plate. This was certainly the case for Charles Hudd from Middlesex. A self-confessed motor enthusiast, Hudd attributes his love of cars to riding an Auto Scooter as a young boy with his Belgian grandfather. In fact, he built up considerable...

Number Plate Stories – BOW 11E

People often buy private number plates that represent their names or the name of their business. However, there are lots of fun alternatives out there and Simon Dolan, managing director of SJD Accountancy found the perfect plate for him, which combined his love of music with his love for his son. Dolan had been a life long fan of David Bowie and even managed to convince his wife that they should name their...

Number Plate Stories – N100 BOB

Nichola Dix used a personalised number plate to honour the memory of her late husband. She chose the plate N100 BOB, as her husband’s name was Bob and she decided, on the day before his funeral that she would purchase a license plate so that she would feel a part of him was always with her. This is not the only honour bestowed upon Bob, however, because he was a Divisional Fire Officer who also...

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