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Creating your Personalised Plates

Personalised plates are becoming very fashionable in the UK, and more and more people are seeking them out as ways to add that ‘special something’ to the vehicle in which they spend so much of their time.  The number you seek must, of course, be unregistered already, but there are plenty of websites that will allow you to search for a number, including DVLA’s own website. The website...

What to do if you are Taking Your Vehicle Out of the UK Permanently

If you are planning on taking your vehicle out of the UK on a permanent basis, you will need to inform the DVLA of your intention to do so.  If you are taking it away on a temporary basis, you will need to take the proper documents with you.  The DVLA defines permanent as 12 months or more, and temporary as less than 12 months. When taking the vehicle out of the UK for 12 months or longer, the...

Where to print your personalised number plate

Spent thousands on your private number plate? Don’t forget to get a good print; or your great number plate won’t have the visual impact it should have. Number plate printers use different technology to print plates, and although they all should adhere to the standards that the DVLA set, they may not be of equal quality. Quality is often affected by price, so trying to save a few pounds by going...

Special Plates for Special People

For quite some time you could only display the number plate attached to your vehicle when you purchased it.  But the times, they are a changing.  Now you can select a personalised registration plate for your car that reflects you and your lifestyle.  The DVLA has been issuing personalised plates since 1989, and their new website allows you to search the plates already issued, ensuring your...

Finding your unique number plate

With the option of choosing names, initials, company names and hobbies as part of your number plates, it is not surprising that obtaining a private registration is growing more popular. Nowadays, the easiest way to buy a unique plate registration is via one of the many websites that sell car number plates. The better websites have search engines which allow you to try and find that perfect plate. This can...

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