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Negotiating a Better Price When You Buy

Car sales are not the only times when you can bag a good deal on a new car.  Even when a dealer is not advertising a sale you still stand a chance of getting a great discount on your dream car. One of the least known tricks is to make sure you time the purchase of your new car correctly.  Sales staff at dealerships always have monthly or quarterly targets to meet and may be willing to offer...

The British Standard Involved in Displaying Registration Numbers

In a prior article entitled “The Correct Way to Display a Registration Number in the UK”, we discussed the specific criteria as well as letter and number measurements where this is concerned.  On the other hand, the physical characteristics are laid down in what is referred to as the British Standard.  These characteristics are set up in accordance with three aspects: –...

Personalised and Cherished Number Plates

While all of us have registration plates on our vehicles, the ones that catch your eye are generally the plates that have either very low numbers on them, or relay some sort of messages.  These are likely either personalised plates or cherished number plates. Personalised plates are those that are created by the owner and usually reflect something to do with that person’s name, occupation or...

Creating your Personalised Plates

Personalised plates are becoming very fashionable in the UK, and more and more people are seeking them out as ways to add that ‘special something’ to the vehicle in which they spend so much of their time.  The number you seek must, of course, be unregistered already, but there are plenty of websites that will allow you to search for a number, including DVLA’s own website. The website...

DVLA Registrations – the 2-Part V5 Registration Document

Whenever you are selling your vehicle here in the UK, both you and the purchaser will have to fill out certain sections of a car registration certificate or document and notify the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency) immediately the sale and transfer have been completed.  One of these forms is the 2-part V5 Registration Document.  The details below contain the proper procedure that you...

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