The new Focus is nearly here!


The long awaited new Ford Focus is to be revealed at the Geneva show on March the 4th and it is showing some important improvements, although the body is just having a facelift. This will include improvements to the grille and much more to the interior of the car, but there are important technology changes as well as new engines on offer.

The new engines include 1.5-litre EcoBoost petrol and 1.5-litre TDCi diesels, it is claimed that these will show major improvement to economy in the range of up to nineteen percent better than the current focus models. Suspension has been improved by introducing a stiffer front end and retuned shockers, improvements to the steering are also claimed by recalibrating the electric power steering, which will be great as the focus is regarded as a class leader in dynamics.

The interior has had some major changes with now fewer controls on the facia central portion as well as the steering wheel. The centre storage is now offering more space as well as a sliding armrest which is integrated to it. The carpets are now thicker and with better engine bay insulation the car is quieter than previous models.

The very impressive Sync 2 navigation system on the Focus will be the first in Europe on any car and with an eight inch screen, navigation, mobile phone, climate control as well as advanced voice control it will be a huge selling point for many.

For the crowded streets nervous parkers will have access in the new Focus to the first Ford that will offer Perpendicular Parking, which is a clever a hands-free parking technology designed to assist drivers reverse into spaces alongside other cars. Sure to be a hit with many.

There are many new features on the new Focus including a Pre-Collision Assist system, a key programming system to restrict top speed, have a maximum setting for audio volume, and prevent moving if seat belts are not worn, ideal for dad if he lends his son or daughter his Focus!

Ford Focus

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