Forget ‘Road Rage’ the future is ‘Charge Rage’


The future of cars is electric, if you believe the hype and if so there are already problems that could face us all in a few years ‘charge rage’. This new phenomenon is the result of owners of electric cars fighting over place to plug their cars in.

In the US there are currently 170,000 electronic cars on the road and only one charging point for every six vehicles. President Obama has stated that he wants to see 1 million electronic cars on US road by next year, and although it looks like it could be possible, charging infrastructure will undoubtedly have to change.

There have already been instances of ‘charge rage’ in California with one electronic car owner taking to the message board about a Nissan Leaf driver who had unplugged the charger from his car and plugged it into the Leaf with no explanation.

The problem has got so bad in some states that some charge station companies have been taking reservations for their charging docks and another has drawn up a charging point etiquette guide.

Drivers of electric cars are being urged to only plug their cars in when necessary and to unplug it again when it is fully charged so as not to offend other environmentally friends motorists.

car charging

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