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Motorists to get new advice on motorway fuel prices

Motorists to get new advice on motorway fuel prices It has been coming a long time, well after the French introduced it on their “autoroute” system and that is advising the price of fuel on stretches of motorway service stations as far ahead as 100 miles it is predicted. The idea of course, is to allow motorist to plan the journey ahead and fill their tanks, knowing the price and not when they drive up to the pumps. The Office of Fair Trading has...

Returning a rental car

Returning a rental car There are many companies hiring out cars and vans in the UK and once you have made your planned trip, returning the car should be an easy process.  Nevertheless, different car and van rental companies may follow different procedures. One of the main things to keep in mind is where to return the hired vehicle.  You should talk to the car rental company and ask about the options available in relation to...

Hiring a commercial vehicle

Hiring a commercial vehicle Anyone who needs to rent a van in the UK will find that it is a straightforward process, with all of the leading rental agencies having commercial vehicles as part of their fleet.  To ensure that they are getting the best cheap van hire, customers should access comparison websites to see what deals are available.  A search of individual rental company websites for exclusive deals is always...

Using your mobile phone in the car

Using your mobile phone in the car Studies show that speaking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving is worse than drinking and driving. Even using a hands-free phone has been proven to make drivers less aware of other road users, fail to adhere to speed limits and react more slowly. When using a mobile phone in the car, your attention is diverted and it is four times more likely that you will have an accident injuring yourself or...

What to do if you see an accident

What to do if you see an accident If you happen to be a witness to a road traffic accident you can play an invaluable part in helping those who are involved.  Firstly you are in a position to get help to anyone who might need it, while secondly, you can also serve as a witness when it comes to determining whose fault the accident was. Although witnessing something such as an accident can be a traumatic experience it is important that you...

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