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Legal Requirements for Car Ownership

Owning a car requires an element of responsibility.  Not only must you have a UK driving licence, but you also need to have adequate insurance, road tax, and your car must have a valid MOT certificate. When you take ownership of a new car, you will need to register the car in your name.  This includes completing the correct parts of the logbook, also known as the V5 certificate, which helps the...

Becoming a driving instructor

You may have seen the advertisements on TV about becoming a driving instructor and thought ‘I could do that’, but what do you need to do? Becoming a driving instructor is like becoming your own boss, you can choose your working hours and you get to meet new people every day. You can also join a driving school in Birmingham or you local area making it easy and quick to get to work, as well as...

Veteran Motor race champion calls for tests for over 70’s

Sir Stirling Moss, the champion motor racing driver has call for there to be a competence test for those above the age of 70, because driving conditions have changed drastically over the last fifty years, with the option of refresher courses at driving schools in Sunderland, so people can brush up on their driving skills. Moss has said “As an 80-year-old driver, I can clearly relate to the topic of...

Booking a block of driving lessons is cheaper in the long run!

When you are looking at booking your driving lessons it is a good idea to check out driving schools special offers, which could save you money and even get you money off other services like your car insurance or breakdown cover. Booking your driving lessons with a qualified driving school in Cardiff will give you the best chance of passing and provide you with the necessary driving skills to be safe and...

The next step – taking your driving test

Now that you have passed your driving test and your instructor feels that you are competent to take your practical test, it’s time to book your driving test. You can do this over the phone or now quickly online, you need your theory test certificate number as well as your instructors details all of which you can get from either your instructor or your local driving school in Sunderland. You can...

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