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Car washing tips

Car washing tips If car owners want to keep their vehicles in good condition, it is best to get them serviced at regular intervals; however, keeping the body and paintwork in good condition also requires regular attention. Washing a car on a consistent basis is important for cleaning off pollutants that build up on the paintwork.  Not only does regular washing boost the appearance of the car but it can also help to keep...

Working for an Automotive Engineering Degree

Working for an Automotive Engineering Degree Automotive Engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering and covers a wide aspect of skills. There are a number of job options available for those who hold a degree in Automotive Engineering. The course incorporates elements of mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. These can be applied to the design, manufacture and operation of automobiles, motorcycles, buses and trucks. ...

Preparing the car for winter

Preparing the car for winter Winter is the time of year when car breakdowns are most common.  Road conditions can also be more treacherous so having the car well prepared is important. During the winter months the lights, wipers and heater are all used much more and this puts a high demand on the battery.  Batteries generally last five years and replacing a battery before it reaches the end of its life can save time and trouble. ...

Be prepared for winter

Cars and motorcycles are your pride and joy, so make sure you are paying them plenty of attention during the winter. Britain’s unpredictable weather can bring heavy rain, ice or snow, so it is imperative that you check your tyres and make sure the pressure and tread are at their optimum for all conditions. Make sure you have anti-freeze in your radiator and window washers as this will help you out in...

Checking your tyres could save you a fine

So you’ve got your new car and it looks and feels fantastic, but how do you make sure that it continues to run smoothly? One of the most basic rules of owning a car is knowing how to make sure that it is safe to drive, and looking after your tyres is something that should be high on your safety list. You should regularly check their pressure and their general wear and tear. Tyres that are heavily...

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