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Car Leasing

Car Leasing Whether you are a private individual or a large company manager, leasing cars or van can prove to be very beneficial to you or your company. Your capital will not be tied up allowing you to use it where and when you need it most, expanding your business and it is a very cost effective way to run cars or a fleet of vans. Like other forms of funding, there are a number of different types of lease to choose...

Car hire for city breaks

If you’re planning a city break for your next holiday, why not consider hiring a car to get you around instead of having to organise your time around unreliable public transport? An ideal break centres around you doing what you want in your own time. It can be both expensive and time consuming trying to catch buses or trains that don’t get you to quite the place where you want to be. With your...

Car Finance for People with Bad Credit

Four out of every ten Britons suffer from a bad credit rating at some point in their lives. This can affect their access to a wide range of financial services, including car finance. However, there are a number of car finance firms that specialise in helping people with bad credit. They have much higher interest rates than other financial institutions and often require a large down payment. Some of the...

The Benefits of Leasing a Car Instead of Buying

Getting your car on a contract lease can be a great decision as long as the benefits of a car lease fit your requirements.  These include lower car finance monthly payments, having a new car every two or three years, and having a current warranty at all times. Many people think that buying a car is an investment and that, with a car lease, there is no return on your investment, but they are mistaken...

Finance for Your New Car

There a number of general finance options available to you when purchasing a new car.  It is important to remember that the dealer’s financial package is not always the best option and that thorough research and comparison of other loan options can be more beneficial.  When arranging a deal you must pay particular attention to the annual percentage rate (APR) and flat rates.  These...

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