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The cost of motoring insurances falls

The cost of motoring insurances falls We do not know whether it is due to the intense competition, the fall in claims, the cost of repairs becoming cheaper, or the scam of whiplash that is being closely scrutinised, but the overall effect is that the cost of motor insurance premiums is falling. The motoring organisation which has been monitoring premiums for the past twenty years, the AA, tells us that during 2013 a fall of 14.1% was noted...

Third party car insurance

Third party car insurance The basic car insurance requirement before someone can legally drive a car in the United Kingdom is to take out at least Third Party Only insurance, or TPO.  This means if a driver is involved in a motoring incident which affects somebody else, known as the Third Party, then that party is protected by the TPO insurance of the driver who caused the accident.  Though the driver with Third Party Only...

Car insurance explained

Car insurance explained It is a legal requirement to insure your car if you are intending to drive it on a public road in the UK. Car insurance protects you financially, as well as any other motorist with whom you have an accident. Types of car insurance The most basic level of car insurance is third party only.  It pays out in the event of injury or damage to other people (third parties) when you have caused an accident.  It...

Car insurance for women drivers

Car insurance for women drivers Despite the long standing cliché about women being bad drivers, several factors suggest it makes better business sense for an insurance company to provide car insurance cover for a woman than for a man.  Put simply, women statistically make fewer claims on their car insurance policies.  Also their claims tend to be smaller, and therefore cheaper than their male counterparts, as they are more likely to...

Why car insurance is essential

Why car insurance is essential Car insurance cover in the UK is an essential requirement for all drivers, and since 1930 it has been a legal obligation that you must take out at least third party insurance cover.  This was updated in the Road Traffic Act of 1988.  When you drive a car on a public highway, you assume a responsibility of care to yourself, to other road users, to pedestrians and to public and private property. ...

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