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Driving forward with online selling and buying

Driving forward with online selling and buying The internet has transformed the way in which so many goods and services are sold, and cars are no exception to the trend.  Buying or selling a car online can be daunting, however, because there is just so much information online and so many options to choose from that some people might not know where to start. When it comes to buying a car, one of the distinct advantages of the internet is that it...

Ford showcases new S-Max Concept

Ford showcases new S-Max Concept Ford Motor Company used the opportunity provided by the 2014 Milan Design Week to reveal a new model, the S-Max Vignale Concept.  The S-Max Concept is part of the car giant’s strategy of moving upmarket with a new line of vehicles.  The S-Max Vignale is expected to move beyond the concept stage and go into production, with the model appearing in showrooms at some point in 2015.  The Mondeo Vignale is...

How to start your own car club

How to start your own car club Car clubs offer individuals the chance to meet like-minded people who share the same interests, but it can be hard to find the right club if you focus on a specific manufacturer or specific model of car. This is where setting up your own car club can benefit you and your like-minded friends. You may think that most big international car clubs began like that but the truth is that many of them started off...

Volkswagen Up Review

Volkswagen Up Review Engine choices, ride and handling The Volkswagen Up has a choice of two 1.0 litre petrol engines, a 59bhp and a 74bhp. Being that both engines only have three cylinders, the Up can be a bit sluggish, but the faster 74bhp engine can cope with motorway speeds relatively well albeit slowly. The Up is a small car and drives like one. It’s nimble and accurate to drive and the ride does a good job of...

Peugeot’s New 3008 available from £16,995

Peugeot’s New 3008 available from £16,995 Peugeot has announced that the New 3008 Crossover will start at just £16,995 when it launches early next year. The restyled 3008 is set to bring it into line with the company’s other new models including the 208, 308 and 2008. A new grille with chrome edging and c-shaped surrounds for the fog lights gives the 3008 a luxurious look at the front end, while the back lights have been tinted darker to finish...

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